Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Uh...Yeah. This is a Plan

World renowned professor of Thinkology and one-time actress, Jane Fonda has decided to grace this country with another one of her much loved Anti-War tours. Hey, all she is saying is give peace a chance. According to the article "I can't go into any detail except to say that it's going to be pretty exciting". You're damn straight it's gonna be exciting, especially if I happen to run across it. I've got tomatoes rotting as we speak just for the occasion.

What is this woman's problem?

Hey, Jane...leave the unresolved hatred on the therapist's couch where it belongs, okay? Take a Valium, lady. Some of us happen to like this country and we support ANY war our soldiers are sent to fight. If you don't like the reasons why we are there, you should speak up BEFORE or AFTER but not during the conflict. Peoples lives are at stake and you are making it worse. Or didn't you learn that from your last hoopla? Maybe you don't read the newspapers but London subways are being blown up by the very people you seek to support with your vegetable-oil powered brigade. The war we are fighting in Iraq is giving an innocent people a chance at a good life and us a chance at not being controlled by thugs who would like to cut off our heads because we dare to exist.

You know, during World War II, the entire country was involved in fighting that war. Food was rationed, rubber was collected, people just did without things for the "cause". We need that same spirit today. Janda Fonda needs some way to make herself feel important. Why doesn't she try sending some care packages instead of opening her mouth and annoucing to the country what a fool she is (as if we have forgotten).
Maybe she could put that vegetable oil to good use and whip up a big batch of beignets to send to the troops.

Do us all a favor, Jane. Stay home.

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Some Soldier's Mom said...

I'm waiting for her vegetative bus to pass this way too... I'll be happy to contribute veggie oil all over Baghdad Jane and stuff HER in the fuel tank of that bus!

Who gives a damn what a washed up old actress has to say anyway? Wonder if she'll solicit treason this time, too?

My sign will say that my son is defending her right to be wrong... but I say we hold a contest for the best anti-Jane slogan...

(PS I "tagged" you over at my blog...)