Saturday, July 23, 2005

One Freaky Phone Call

I had an odd phone call this morning.

First, let me say that Sprout and Stoicdad sound a lot alike on the phone. So, I'm going about my usual Saturday morning routine...wake up...walk into the spare (yeah, that's the ticket)...log on and surf a while. Stoicdad was doing his usual Saturday morning routine (I thought)...watching cartoons at the other end of the house. Well, I'm at the computer, just barely awake, wishing that Sprout still had his internet connection, which he doesn't because he had to change rooms last week and hasn't had his connection moved to the new room yet. I'm debating whether or not to call him but since it's late Saturday night in Korea, I decide not to call. Before I go any further, let me say that Sprout's 15 year old cousin, Pedro , has been spending most of the summer at our house so he is here also.

Anyway the phone rings and the call goes something like this:
(Remember...there are 3 of us on the phone: Me, Stoicdad and Pedro)

Stoicdad (who sounds like Sprout): Hey. ("Hey" is also Sprout's usual salutation when calling)

Stoicmom (who thinks she's talking to Sprout): (perkily) Hey.
(I also hear the other phone making static sounds like someone has picked up so I'm assuming it's Stoicdad in the other room).

Stoicdad: (sounding like himself) Did you talk to M yesterday? (M is Sprout's girlfriend)

Stoicmom: *says nothing* (I now recognize Stoicdad's voice and think that he is speaking to Sprout). At this time Pedro mubbles something I don't understand, but I'm thinking it's Sprout talking with a usual bad connection.

Stoicdad: (Speaking to Pedro and sounding like Sprout) Is (My Name) there?
(I'm wondering why Sprout is calling me by my first name instead of "Mom" but I figure I just misunderstood him)

Pedro: Yeah.

Stoicmom: I'm here. (Hearing the static of the other phone moving around I whom I THINK is Stoicdad), Hon, I can't hear him with you on the phone too.

(Pedro, in the other room hangs up the phone).

Stoicdad: Did you talk to M yesderday?

Stoicmom: (my brain cells finally start waking up and I realize that I'm talking to Stoicdad, and noone else) Where are you?

Stoicdad: I'm at Aunt Fizzy's.

Stoicmom: Wait a minute. I thought you were Sprout. You're not in the front room?

Stoicdad: Honey, I've been gone for an hour.

Stoicmom: Well stop calling here and sounding like Sprout. I thought you were Sprout. Don't call home when I'm half awake.

Stoicdad: I'm sorry.

Stoicmom: Now I'm depressed.

Stoicdad: Awwwwwwww.

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