Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I Am Officially A Blogger...I've Been Tagged

Okay, so I had to whine for it a little, but anyway I'm tagged by Some Soldiers Mom.

The tag is "What's on my nightstand"? Well, if I were a lying blogger I would say a bowl of fresh rose petals, a signed first copy of The Grapes of Wrath, a glass of expensive French wine and a personal letter from President Bush asking for my advice on the Social Security situation. But, I cannot tell a lie. On my nightstand at this very moment is a lamp, a gold plastic whistle attached to a string that my 2-year-old nephew left here, the TV remote control, some nail clippers, an alarm clock, the box I keep my hearing aids in while I sleep, a copy of Reminisce magazine, a book titled Mark Twain-Humorous Stories and Sketches, a December 2004 issue of Reader's Digest, an opened pack of knee-highs, some dust and this framed picture of my two sons Sprout, and his older brother, Spud. Yes, that is THE Bozo the Clown from WGN in Chicago. I just love that picture.

So now I have to tag somebody, but since I have a vast audience of about...oh...3...including me, this may be difficult. I'll try tagging Sure Fire over at Pass the Brass. Tag, you're it, young whipper- snapper. This should be easy since you probably don't have a nightstand at the moment.

And maybe the cute sounding little lady blogging from Germany at Calivalleygirl. Tag, you're it. I have no idea if you read my blog, but I read yours all the time.


CaliValleyGirl said... one has ever called me a lady before...I am tickled pink! I'll get right on it!

StoicMom said...

Tanks, vast audience.