Friday, July 08, 2005

IM'd At Work

Sprout has a new computer and internet access AND instant messaging. Today at work I got a strange pop-up on my computer screen saying that somebody with a screen name I did not recognize wanted to chat with me. Now normally, I just close those if I don't know the sender, which is what I did two days ago and found out later in an email from Sprout that it was him. Dang! So today, I was quick to accept the IM and sure enough, the first post said "hey mother". So, in the middle of a hectic day of preparing for a hurricane and making copies and backups and issuing equipment, I got to talk to my son in Korea. It was nice. He's a little worried about the storm that's coming. We'll be fine, I'm sure, but it was nice having him check up on us. I'll keep him posted on our situation. Less than a year ago, 2 weeks before he left for basic training, we had another hurricane and he kept stealing beer from the fridge and walking next door to his cousin's house in the middle of the storm. I didn't mind him stealing the beer (hey, if he's willing to fight for his country, I figure he can have a beer) but walking out into a hurricane didn't set well with me. Something to do with motherly protection I guess. Well, at least he wore a trash bag so he wouldn't get wet.

So tomorrow we batten hatches and fill the tub with water and make one last run to the store for more batteries and wait...and wait...and wait. Sort of like waiting for a root canal. You know it's gonna hurt, you just don't know how much.

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