Thursday, November 08, 2007

Good Teeth

There are two words that I never like to hear in the same sentence. Those words are "root" and "canal". Today I had a surprise one of those.

Let me start this off by saying that I have good teeth. I go to the dentist twice a year for a good cleaning and even though I have had some cavities, the hygenist always comments on how good my teeth are. I have never smoked and other than chewing on ice constantly, my teeth get very little abuse.

Well, three or four days ago, I started having a toothache. I decided that if it should start keeping me up at night, I would go to the dentist. It kept me up last night so today I made an appointment. I was expecting to have an old filling patched up, nothing more, but "Surprise! Surprise! You're going to see Dr. Two-Words-Uglier-Than-Hillary-And-Clinton". And wouldn't you know it, he can squeeze me in TODAY. Don't give a person time to think or anything, noooooooo!

Anyway, I went and got the happy gas and of course, one of the nurses out in the hallway starts laughing about something which got me to laughing hearing her laughing and I couldn't stop. Hey, they don't call it "laughing gas" fer nuttin. I hardly ever drink or take mind-altering anything, so I get zonked pretty easy. By the time I left that place, I was drunker than Cooter Brown on a Saturday night after a good confession. I asked the girl at the counter if they always took checks written by drunk women...she said "yes Ma'am" and smiled just as pretty as you please. Then they let me drive myself home. Heck, even my right eye was numb. Are these people crazy? As soon as I get feeling back in my face and can smile with both sides of my mouth, I'm gonna sue them.

Somebody coulda got hurt. And I would have laughed till I couldn't laugh no more.