Saturday, October 15, 2005

Holiday Soldier Shopping

Well, all my worries are over. I have found the perfect gift to send my soldier in Korea...SPAM!. According to this article, Spam is highly regarded in South Korea. They even sell it in gift packs during the holidays. I reckon I could go by Walmart and pick up a case for Sprout to give out to his chain-of-command for Christmas. Yeah...that should earn him some points. Looks like shopping for Christmas this year will be easy...and cheap. I may even give it out to all my relatives here in the states too. A nice little can of Spam in the Christmas stocking...what better way to say "I care"? Actually, I love Spam but I rarely buy it, except during the hurricane season. I don't know why that is. It's a delicious food and when I cook it, everybody gathers around to get some. After our storm last month, we all laughed about our Spam dinners in the dark, but there were never any left-overs. Americans can be so strange. We have this really neat food with a really odd reputation. Go figure. Well, if I ever go to Korea, at least I know what to bring to my host as a gift.

Move over IPod...make room for Spam under that Christmas tree.