Monday, October 31, 2005

Hatfields and Skywalkers

No talking to Sprout for a while. He's out on field training. I hate that he missed all the kids at Halloween again this year. My little gremlins just left here all hyped up on sugar and ready for straight jackets. It was nice and I took lots of pictures for Sprout but I just hate when he misses a holiday. The grandkids were Luke Skywalker and a unicorn (or unicycle...whatever she calls herself). And my almost 16-year-old nephew dressed as a deranged Teletubby. He wore three-sizes-too-small red long underwear and a viking mask. He looked more like one of the Hatfields or McCoys. At one point, he and my grandson were running around in the yard shooting cap pistols at each other. It looked like a fight between the Hatfields and the Skywalkers. Every now and then a lightsaber would appear out of nowhere. And Sprout missed it all. Dadgumit!