Sunday, October 03, 2004

Well, He's Gone

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A few days ago my youngest son left to join the U.S. Army. It seems like it's been months. As I was creating this weblog, he called for the first time since leaving. He sounds so...sad, and he hasn't even left the reception battalion yet. From what I have read online, things began to get much worse next week when he actually begins his training. I have successfully fought off tears all week, until today... until I heard his voice. That was thirty minutes ago and I am still wiping away tears. And I ain't no crying woman.

I know he will do well and he will succeed, but I admit I am a mother hen and will need some bayonet training of my own to relieve my aggressive tendencies toward any Drill Sergeant that yells at my baby. It's alright for ME to call him the scum of the earth, but I'll be day-ummed if anybody else will do it. Perhaps that is why I am not allowed to go to basic training with him.

Anyway, I'll use this blog as a diary and sounding board until graduation day when I get my boy back as a man. If any other new (or old) military moms have any advice for this empty-nester, I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

Our son is the baby, all of 18 yrs old. He left our nest
in Sept.2004 for Fort jackson sc. 1st time away from home and family. It was plan and simple horrible ! Waiting for the first calls to home, NO mail. When the first calls came... We felt helpless, he sounded like a deer caught in the headlights, and the first letters, just made you want to cry and scream outload! Bct is coming to an end now.... and as the tyme went on... we heard a responsible,proud young man coming from this boy that left home monthes ago. I can tell you by our experience with our son, It will be just fine, and in the end.... You will be sooooooooooooooooo proud of him for what he acomplished ALL ON HIS OWN ! He will return a man, A very Fine one at that ! An American Soldier in the finest Army of the World, HOOAH ! God Bless them ALL. Sincerely, a proud Mom

StoicMom said...

Thanks for the comments. Sprout will be fine I know. It's the homesickness that is so hard to bear. Thanks for the encouraging words.

Anonymous said...

Hope your son is doing fine, But if not and he expresses he's made a mistake and wants to come..... welcome him with open arms, and be proud he joined and served even the littlest time when others just sat and complained from their warm safe houses. I wish you and your son all the very best.