Friday, October 22, 2004

My Favorite Week

No word from my Red Phase boy. An address would be nice but I have come to the conclusion that the Army probably doesn't want them getting mushy letters while in Red Phase. I will probably get his address soon as I'm hoping he'll be entering the White Phase any day now. I'm kind of beginning to understand all the mind games they play. How else can you train a man to kill another man? It's not a natural thing.

All that being said, I don't think Sprout could have picked a better time to join up. It's fall, the air is crisp, those long hot days of summer are could be worse. For me, too, this is the best time. We're heading into my most favorite week of every four years, the last week before the presidential election (better known as The Hitsay It'shay the Anfay Week). Anything can happen politically in the next few days, and I just love politics. It's the only sport I understand. And everything political will keep my mind off of my woes.

This should be a very defining election, the first one with real internet influence. With cable TV and the internet, Americans are finding out that they can customize the news to fit their own views. No more taking the word of a fatherly Walter Cronkite-type or any other news anchor for gospel. We, the people, are now truly free. The SwiftVets and the bloggers have proven that. All of the sudden, the small voice in the wilderness can have a stinging impact.

Think of sentence can be posted and within mere hours or even minutes, can be read by throngs of people. What massive power this is. Makes me wonder if the way we do politics will soon change. If nothing else, it will make reporting politics a lot more honest...just ask Dan Rather.

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