Friday, October 08, 2004

Thank God for Snail Mail


Sprouts letter arrived today. Who knew my son could write? I have been anticipating and dreading this letter, both at the same time. Anticipating it just to know that he is still there, but dreading what he might say in it. Well, my son is much more grown up than I expected. The letter he wrote to us is one I might have expected to write to him. He says that "it is hell's okay though because I'm gonna try my hardest to get through it all". His words are encouraging, boosting me up when I expected them to be more hopeless. I think I have underestimated my child. His letter is just what I needed. Of course, it made me cry. But I'm so darn proud of what he is doing. I hope this will affect him in a good way all his life. Maybe this weekend, a phone call.

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