Monday, October 11, 2004

Columbus Day Blues

Yesterday was Sunday, and I sat near the phone all day. It occurs to me that I cannot do this for the next nine weeks. Sprout's girlfriend checked her messages and said he did try to call her, but she had left her cell phone in the car and missed the call. I hate that he didn't get to talk to anyone. Of course, Dad is wondering why he called the girlfriend and not us. Well...duh Dad! He's young and in love and away from his comfortable home and under a lot of stress. The last thing he wants is us peppering him with questions like "is it hard?", "have you made any friends?", "do you need anything?".

I don't want this blog to become a "weeping mother's forum" although the intermittent depression that falls on me when I don't get a letter or a phone call would make that appropriate. I want this to be an uplifting blog so I will look for good things to add here. No more sappy "he didn't call....waaaaaaaahhhhhh" posts.

My next post will be a fun one. Consider this a fair warning.

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