Friday, January 27, 2006

Missing His Voice

Kind of boring around here lately. Hey, here's something fun:

Guess which one of my sons is in the Army and which one is just pretending? The winner gets an all expense paid trip for two to anywhere in the in world (so long as it don't cost me any money).

Is it him?

Or him?

The correct answer will be in my next post. Good Luck.

I haven't heard Sprout's voice in about three weeks. He has moved to a new camp and his cell phone just won't pick up there. It's a really small camp so he doesn't have many options to get another phone or phone card or whatever. I guess he'll have to wait until the next time he gets out and about but in the meantime, I miss his voice. He sends emails but they are short and sweet...he's not a great I am left just sending care packages and wishing he could call. We even tried using his roommate's phone number and that didn't work either. I guess he's just in a bad spot, cell-wise. That is one of the worst things about his being so far away. The cell phone reception is spotty all the time. I don't know how many times I have had to call him back during the course of a phone call. He just loses the signal for no good reason. And then I have to talk to the Kookoonini lady who's speaking to me in a foriegn language and Lord-only-knows what she's saying? She's either telling me that I "must first dial a 1 before dialing the number" or, she's telling me that "the person you have dialed is ugly and his mama dresses him funny", I don't know. It will be so nice when he comes home to just sit and talk, uninterrupted. My boss was talking today about a list he had to send up the chain-of-command of items our department might need in the case of another hurricane. He said he had put six satellite phones to his list. He promised I could send one to Sprout. I think he was just trying to pacify me.

Anyway, Sprout had planned to come to the states but decided against it when he found out it would cost more than he wanted to spend. He's saving up for a car when he gets home, so I guess that's okay. And hopefully, unless Uncle Sam has other ideas, he will be home in early summer.

I reckon I'll have to pull out a home video in order to hear his voice. Somehow, it just ain't the same.

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