Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy King Luther Day

Whenever my grandchildren come over, I turn off the TV and read to them. For my granddaughter, any old book will do. She just likes to sit in your lap and listen, it doesn't matter what the story is about. Now my six-year-old grandson, Sgt. York, is much more discerning. If the book is boring, you lose him. Lately, we have been reading King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, which he approves of, highly. Last week, Sgt. York's teacher told the class about another King and this got Sgt. York thinking, and somewhat confused. So the next morning on the way to school, he had the following discussion with his wise old dad:

Sgt York: Daddy, why did King Arthur get killed up on a balcony?

Dad: I don't think King Arthur died on a balcony, but maybe he did.

Sgt York: (after a pause) Was King Arthur black?

Dad: No, King Arthur wasn't black.

Sgt York: Maybe it was King Luther.

I think he got some of his kings confused. From now on, in this house, we will celebrate King Luther Day at this time of year, right after Festivus.

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