Friday, January 06, 2006

Sprout News

Somehow, I made it through the holidays. Having the Little General say grace at Christmas dinner made me realize just how blessed I am. I shall now quit my pouting over my runaway son and be thankful. Speaking of which, Sprout has moved again at the request of the Army. This is his third move since he arrived in Korea. I guess that's why the Army calls it a "tour". At this rate, he will get a sample of every camp in the country. He is doing well and preparing for some hard work and lots of it. He says it's colder at his new spot in the mountains so I am planning to send more sweaters and long underwear and scarfs and junk.'s a Mom thing. We cannot stand thinking that somebody might be cold, even if they aren't cold. If I am cold, EVERYBODY wears a jacket. Period. My grandkids hate that. I used to hate it when my grandmother would make me put on a jacket when SHE was cold. Funny how some things never change, huh?
This is Sprout after he gets my next box..."I can't put my arms down"

2005 was really a good year for my family. We gained 6 1/2 new members (4 are BRAND new and the 1/2 is on-the-way) and only lost 2 members. Though those 2 will be greatly missed, whenever weddings and births out number funerals, it's a good year. I guess this makes me officially one of the "older generation". That, and the fact that I have to keep telling my 16 year old nephew to "pull up those drawers, boy". But, how boring for the young folk would life be without the older generation.

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