Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Aching for Iraq

Well, I finally heard from Sprout after weeks of silence. We're having to use his roommate's phone number for calls. Sprout says it's okay though...roommate uses Sprout's computer...Sprout uses roommate's phone. They seem to get along well.

Some of Sprout's friends have been notified of where they are going next. We are all getting a little anxious, hoping he makes it somewhere a little closer to home. But hey, Sri Lanka would be closer to home than where he is now. Sprout would like to go to Iraq. This bothers me more than a little. My sister's brother-in-law is going to Afghanistan this summer and just can't wait to leave. What is it with these men? Are they crazy? Do they have a death wish? My nephew (who's been to Iraq already) explained it this way: In the military, you spend all your time training. Without going to a war zone, you never get to put that training to use. It's like rehearsing for a show that nevers opens...Well, I guess that makes sense? But of course, I am wishing for orders stateside. I'm sure a letter to the commander from Mom wouldn't hurt, would it? Sprout is asking for his baseball glove so I guess that means his life is normal so I reckon I should stop whining now. Nah!

On a funny note, the Lost Nomad has this list of the Top 12 Hard to Find Children's Gifts, just in time to be missed for Christmas. I personally like the Easy Bake Meth Lab and the Shiite Pet.

Carpe Diem!

NOTE: In reference to the previous post, if you guessed the guy in the green glasses, you're wrong. He is my older son, the dad of the Little General and Sgt. York. He is a musician and prefers to make music, not war. But he does support his brother and often dedicates songs to him at his gigs. I have been blessed with two good, good So, if you guessed right, take yourself around the world or to the Milblogging Convention or whereever, with my blessing (but not with my money).

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Some Soldier's Mom said...

well, mine has already been there... and even after his close call and wounding -- wants to do another rotation. all you can do is pray it's some place else...