Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Well...It Ain't Sri Lanka

Sprout has gotten his new assignment, and it's closer than Sri Lanka. He's happy to report that he will soon be state-side. It's not as close as I would like him to be, but at least we will be in the same time zone again. Although I'm happy he will be back in the good ole U. S. of A., I have an eerie feeling that this new assignment is just a portal to another more dangerous world. Sort of a time warp, or one of those vortex things that cartoon characters always walk into and end up in some weird place. So, while one waiting period comes to an end, another begins. A quick googling finds that a group at Sprout's future base just returned from Iraq last week so that makes me a little nervous, just a little. The thought of his deploying sits in the very back of my mind, pushing forward about...oh...fifty times a day. But I also fear the "what ifs". What if we are attacked again? What if the President decides to take out the new guy in Iran? What if crazy Kim Jong Il gets hold of the keys to the Nuke Room and starts pushing buttons just for fun? What if Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia had fallen in love and gotten married and found out that they were really brother and sister after having kids? Now that would have made an interesting movie...but I digress...now where was I? Oh yes...worrying.

But worry is a waste. So I will get back to binding my almost finished quilt and start planning my trips to Sprout's soon to be new home. Worry is such a bore.

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