Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yard Work and the English Language

Sprout is still liking his new post. Hey, it's in America. He has some big changes coming up, some I'm not allowed to talk about just yet, but soon, very soon. He is doing well and I am happy for him. He did get smoked (military discipline i.e. pushups, crawls, etc.) for two hours last week for a minor infraction that could be deadly in the right situation. Thanks to the Army, he won't make that mistake again. Other than that, he and Uncle Sam are getting along pretty well.

I got up this Sunday morning and went out and edged the yard that Stoicdad had so beautifully cut yesterday in this fine tropical heat heaven we live in. The humidity here is so thick you can ship it. I swear I have to take a spoon to dig my way out to the car some mornings, it's that thick.

Anyway, I used the weedeater to do my edging. I never let Stoicdad edge...he is not precise enough. I've seen him edge. His edging more resembles a moat then an outline. Our gas edger gave out two summers ago and I have learned to edge with a Black and Decker Grasshog weedeater and I love it. But I have run into a slight dilemma when discussing yard-work with others. Maybe someone out there knows the answer to this - what is the past tense of the word "weedeat"? Is it "weedate"? "Wedate"? "Weedeated"? Somebody must know. If you do know, please tell me. I don't want to have to go back to the gas-edger on an english language technicality. Anybody?

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