Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's ALIVE!!!

Well, I got my new computer, another Dell. My last computer actually started out as an IBM but transmogrified into a Dell by the third or fourth year. It still had an IBM head and legs and arms, but it's brain was a Dell.

So now all things old are new again, or so I thought. Plugged in my trusty old Olympus digital camera last night and guess what? Windows XP does not recognize my old camera. JIMANINNI! So I guess the news for all the world is this...If you upgrade one thing, be prepared to upgrade EVERYTHING. I have this weird feeling that the new computer that leads to a new camera will cause my new camera to lead to a new...I don't know...Grandkids to take pictures of, maybe...Who will lead to a new car (because the new grandkids are much more snootier than the old ones) and the new car will lead to a new house because who wants to park a fine new car next to an old worn-out house that didn't cost as much as the car did anyway? And of course, the new house will lead to ALL NEW FURNITURE because we all know you can't put the old stuff in a new house, it's just not compatible. And the new furniture will lead to new clothes because...Ha!... Do you really think I'm gonna sit on the arm of that fancy new Clayton Marcus sofa next to that Pulaski wall-sized entertainment center with the Sony Bravia flat-panel 46 inch high-definition television set and have my picture taken with my fancy new Olympus Evolt E-330 digital camera while wearing a $9.99 Cherokee brand blouse from TARGET? No way, Jose! And it goes without saying that I will have to buy all new make-up because, hey, only Bobbie Brown mascara is gonna go with those new Talbot's outfits I'll be wearing. BUT, that could only lead to one other thing...A FACELIFT...Because even God knows you cannot put Bobbie Brown mascara on droopy eyes with crows-feet. It just does not compute!

(sobbing softly) It's never going to end.

Trust me on this people...DON"T UPGRADE!!! You can't afford it.

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