Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tired of the News

If Greta Van Sustern is the queen of the All-Natalie-All-The-Time news, then Brian Williams is the king of the All-New Orleans-All-The-Time news. Now, I can somewhat understand Greta's situation. She is on a cable news network that is trying to fill 24 hours each day. That's fair enough even if it is over-kill. What, pray tell, is NBC's problem? Why story after story about New Orleans? It ain't news no more, for Pete's sake. They have 30 minutes a night (minus 15 minutes of commercials) and spend 5 of those minutes telling me that New Orleans is still a disaster area and that George Bush knew the day before the hurricane hit that the levees might not hold up and he could have ordered them rebuilt if he was any kind of a decent president.

This is why I don't watch television news anymore. News was meant to be read, not heard. Why? Because you read it, absorb it, and let it go. Repetition has it's place in the first grade classroom while reciting the ABC's and on the gym floor while trying to get in shape...nowhere else. Repetition on the nightly news is a form of brainwashing and is also boring.

Luckily, the media's right to Freedom of Speech is exactly equal to my right to Freedom of the Mute Button.

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