Friday, March 31, 2006

I Stand Corrected, Dammit! (That'll Be $.25 Please)

Sgt. York is in kindergarten, which makes him an authority on the English language and it's use thereof. For the past few weeks, he has been doing something that annoys me a little and some days, down-right pisses me off. First of all, he corrects me every time I say "that-a-way". I wouldn't mind it so much except for the fact that any time we are together, he corrects me about 20 times (which suspiciously just happens to be the exact amount of times that I say "that-a-way" in his presence). "Grandmaaaaaaa...Stop saying 'that-A-way'." It really irks him. I tell him to stop going "that-A-way" and I won't have to say "that-A-way" anymore. Blpfffff!

Another thing he does is to inform me each time I say a cuss word. Dayum! I didn't know I cussed so much. He tells me I have to put a quarter in a piggy bank for each cuss word I say. Well, I don't yet have a piggy bank but I have promised to pay my dues as soon as I get one. At the rate I'm going, I'll have to go by the credit union and see if I can take out a small business loan to catch up. I told him, when he first starting pointing out my indiscretion, that I would use the money to take us all to Disney World. Either I gotta clean up my act or we will be making a world tour real soon. Geesh! Leave it up to the little ones to show you your shortcomings.

In other news, Sprout is ready to come home. He has had enough of life overseas and is sooooo looking forward to American soil again. Hopefully he can hang on for just a little while longer without going berserk. In the meantime, he is enjoying reading about the little leprechauns. Seems this is all over the Internet. Downright amazing.

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