Friday, August 19, 2005

There Ain't A God

Woke up this morning to my IMing son far from home. I haven't heard from him in a week and was beginning to get antsy, so a nice long IM was just what I needed.

I guess God is laughing at me about my last post because Sprout says he is moving next week. That means the "no drinking order" is moot. Phooey! I always put my mouth on things and have to go back and eat my words. I suspect my God is a little ticked that he hasn't heard enough from me lately, so he's having me become a woman of faith. Yuck!

Oh well. Sprout is a responsible lad and like he says, he'll make the sergeants take him out for his birthday celebration and then he will be THEIR responsibility. How clever. If he were home, he'd be going out with his low-life cousins and shiftless big brother (jes' kidding) so I guess he'll be in good hands...I hope.

How's that Irish prayer go?

Lord, please soften the heart of my enemies,
or if you can't soften their hearts,
bend their knees inwards,
so I will know them by their walk.


Some Soldier's Mom said...

Here's the article on the alcohol ban...

ShyViolet said...

I'm glad we have soldiers like him.