Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Giddy Girlie

Sproutette is on her way to meet my son as he arrives back in the US of A for some much needed R & R. She is so excited it's funny. She is like a little girl preparing a tea party for all of her teddy bears. The only other thing she needs now is a pink boa and some high heel shoes 5 sizes too big.

She is absolutely giddy and it does my heart good to know that my son has someone standing there anxiously waiting for him and only him. There will be no doubt in his mind when he arrives that he has been sorely missed. I just hope she doesn't knock him down while trying to get to him. And hopefully she won't run through any metal detectors either. I would hate for Sprout's first order of business after arriving to be having to bail his wife out of jail.

As for us, the second fiddles, we will sit patiently and wait for them to get reacquainted. I don't mind. I do believe Sproutette loves Sprout as much as I do and that's all that I want for him, to have someone who loves him dearly.

Soon I will breath a little easier for a little while.

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