Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sand Storms and Cigarette Lighters

Sprout will be getting his leave soon, although not as soon as he had hoped. It seems a bunch of sand flying around the air over there has grounded helicopters and pushed everybody's leave back a few days. Bummer...but it does mean a few less days to endure once he returns to the sand. He is asking for a fan...ya think? He said sleeping during the day in the desert heat, even with air conditioning, is not cool. I doubt very much in Iraq is "cool" these days. I told him I was sending more cigarettes also and he says "send lighters...nobody has a lighter over here." His big brother, Sir Duke, just cannot comprehend that NOBODY in Iraq has a lighter or any access to fire. It just does not compute. Heck, just go outside and hold your cigarette up in the air for a minute. Between the wind and the heat I would think that would do it, no? It's just strange the things they can and cannot get. Who would've thought there would be a shortage of cigarette lighters? I guess kicking the habit is out of the question over there.

Anyway, a box of stuff to beat the heat will soon be on the way. I wonder how much it would cost to ship an in-ground swimming pool?

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Some Soldier's Mom said...

I found old fashioned striking matches (the ones you can strike anywhere) -- in water/sand-proof containers in the camping section of Wal-Mart and sent loads of those (besides the lighters). See if you can find someone in Virginia to send cigarettes for you -- cigarettes are 1/3 cheaper... more cigarettes for the same money!

and if you send the fan -- be sure he has the correct (heavy duty) extension cord... and whether he needs an adapter for the power source (or the fan just burns out). also consider one of those "personal misting" units... and "cool scarves" to wrap around their necks -- put them in cold water for 5 minutes and they stay cold for hours!!

I also recently saw a thin water mattress (fill with cool water and it stays cool all night) but I can't remember where -- maybe google it... and the catalog First Street has thin fan units that hang at the back of a bed UNDER the covers and blows cool air under your sheet all night... try online!

hope leave is GREAT! hug and kiss him A LOT! he'll hate it (for 5 minutes).