Monday, January 07, 2008

Dismantling the Tree and Me

Well, it's the 7th of January, of the year whose name we will not mention (see last post...I want this year gone already). I started this year with a hacking cough that soon turned into bronchitis and made me miss all but one day of work last week and I'm off again today. I've got antibiotics, which I don't think really help bronchitis much but hey, since I was probably on the verge of pneumonia, they can't hurt. But this fever and coughing is the pits.

Anyway, since I am the Christmas Goddess around here, no one has dared touch any of the decorations or attempted to put them away. So, on January 7, in the year whose name we will not mention I am just now getting all the decorations taken down and put away. All, that is, except for the artificial tree that I so proudly posted about earlier.

I got some news for know how with a real Christmas tree, the hard part is getting is up straight in the stand and getting all the lights and ornaments on it and the easy part was taking it down? Well, nobody told me that the artificial trees are just the opposite. Getting the thing up was great. Getting it down is another thing...I can't, in my weakened condition, get the middle section to separate from the bottom section. I want to put this tree away so that I can use it again someday...they are reusable, aren't they? At the rate I'm going, I may have to take a chainsaw to this thing. Or I could leave it up all year without the top and just hope that nobody notices it. Hmmmm? What to do, what to do? Well, at least it's keeping my mind off of Sprout and his current adventures.

Can you oil a Christmas tree?

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