Thursday, March 01, 2007

Surprise Visit

I had just gotten home from work last night and was in the bedroom changing when the doorbell rang. I hollered to Stoicdad to "GET THE DOOR, I'M DRESSING" (in my quaint little southern drawl). I walked out to be greeted by my brand-new daughter-in-law, smiling and happy. My tone immediately changed as I wondered why she was here and not far-away from here tending to my son. We quickly talked over each other and she said that since Sprout was out on field maneuvers all week, her mother (who misses her) offered to fly her home for a visit. With her husband's permission, she came back to see us. What a nice surprise.

I grilled her good about Sprout and his state of mind on going to war. She tells me much more than he does. She also doesn't yet read him as well as I do. She said that he and his friends don't seem to be worried about going to war while she and all her friends talk about it all the time. She will learn soon enough that men don't voice their fears as much as women do.

All that aside, she sounds quite happy as does Sprout these days. They are a fit match. She did tell me something funny that the Little General said at their wedding which I had not heard before. The Little General is so full of funny. Sproutette (DIL's new official blog name thought up just this minute)said that after the wedding service, the Little General came up to Sprout and said "I'm so glad y'all got married. Now you will be my uncle for ever and ever." Ummmm...little girl...Sprout is your daddy's brother. That makes him a permanent uncle from day one, like it or not. I guess she was confused as to who became the "new" relative once the I do's were said. Anyway, it's good to see Sproutette so happy and to hear her talk about life with my son with such youthful glee.

Ahhh yes, I remember it well, that first year of marriage.

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