Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Need Suggestions

I am trying to think of something that I can give to family and friends while Sprout is gone off to war to help to remind them to pray for him daily. I know people tell you that they will pray for something or someone but I also know how I am...I sometimes forget. I'm thinking of something they can maybe wear with his name on it that will constantly remind them to think of him and to pray for him. I've thought of having dog tags made or maybe some of those POW type bracelets with him name, rank, deployed date and such. Is this idea terribly hokey? Anybody got any good ideas? I really want as many people as I can get to pray for him constantly while he is gone. I know that prayer works and more prayer can't hurt. Maybe I could get some of those plastic colored wrist bands printed with "Pray for Sprout" on them. Whatever it is, it has to be something that will instantly remind people to pray for him. I've found a couple of things like this or this...

The only problem with the bracelet is that I wore one when I was in high school during the Vietnam war and they all had names of MIA's or POW's. I don't EVEN want to think of Sprout as one of those.

Well, whatever it takes to remind people to pray for him...if wearing a bracelet does it, swell. For those of us who are forgetful, it may take something a little more obvious... like this

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