Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dit Dit Dah Dit Dit...Duh

Don't ask me why but for some crazy reason, I have decided to learn Morse Code. dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot, only in "Code" country we call it dit dit dit dah dah dah dit dit dit. I don't know why. Anyway, I downloaded a free program that lets you learn a couple of letters at a time and you have to listen to the code and type it as you hear it. My first five minute test looked a lot like "mkkm mm kmk kkk kmmmmkm kmmkkkmmm mk kk kkkm mkmkm"...I have learned M and K pretty good. Now, if anyone sends me a secret message with words that only use the letters M and K, I'm all set. Tonight I may add R. Rrrreow! It's fun learning this, but my brain can only stand about a minute and a half of the beeping until I have to stop the sound. After a while I was able to go the full five minutes, but it feels like my brain has little BB holes in it. I hope this don't make me crazy (but hey, who would know?). How I got this idea, I don't know. Sometimes I do that. I get possessed with some crazy idea and can't stop till I've mastered it. So, coming soon...a secret's a hint: it will only contain words spelled with M's and K's.

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Sarah said...

I had a blast when my computer-savvy friend taught me to count in binary code. I'd probably like something like Morse too. I've also always been fascinated by knitting in Morse or braille. Too fun.