Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wedding Preparations - Full Speed Ahead

Well, it hasn't taken any time for Sprout's wedding preparations to fall into full swing. Everything is falling into place nicely and us girls (me, Bridey and MOTB-Mother of the Bride) are having a really good time with all the plans.

Yesterday, we took the Little General to pick out a flowergirl dress. The other flowergirl doesn't know it yet, but the Little General has appointed herself "Head-Flowergirl-In-Charge". One thing I gotta say about the Little General...she is a girl, through and through. She loves all things feminine and if it were possible, I'm sure she would have moved all of her belongings to the bridal store and just lived there for the rest of her life. She was definately in her element. We had to laugh at her as she modeled her pretty dress while all the other future brides milled around in theirs...I think she thinks she's getting married. There's only one problem with that - boys are mean and she's never getting married. But she can still have the dress and the shoes and the gloves and the tiara crown...can't she?
Here she is looking so darn cute that you would never guess that she will one day be either the leader of the free world or the leader of the Crips and the Bloods. That's my Little General!

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Lemon Stand said...

3 out of our 4 daughters are like this and the 4th can still be coerced into wearing 'girl clothes' if the outfit is pretty enough.

They also are ALL budding generals. Two are in HS and I've been waiting for the peer pressure thing. They have already been warned that I have no qualms about walking up to them in front of their friends to pull up low riding pants or cover belly buttons and NO ONE is allowed more than two sets of earings in the ears.

Temporary hair dye, temporary tattoos and weird clothing styles that cover everything appropriately are fine. If they want $90 shoes or pants, they need to save their own pennies. My youngest is 8 and she doesn't care what she wears as long as it is pink! :o)