Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bama Gators and Crocs

Summer is definately here in this tropical paradise. Both my boys are nearby (for the moment) and life is good. Sprout is a little upset though that he will be leaving before he has a chance to get his Gator License. What youngun' doesn't want a chance to get his rifle and go hunting alligator, at least once in his lifetime. A few years back we ate dinner at a restaurant on the causeway near here and there was a huge gator sunning himself in the marsh just outside the window. It kind of made the walk through the parking lot after dinner a little more interesting.

And speaking of alligators, what is the big attraction of those ugly shoes they call Crocs? They are cute on kids and pretty little teenage girls, but if I see another grown women wearing them at Walmart, I am calling the "What Not To Wear" people. Those shoes are hideous. Call me old fashion, but give me a trusty old rubber flip-flop any day. But I digress.

Sprout hasn't gone gator hunting (no license, doncha know?) but he did take the girlfriend and Pedro soft-shell crabbing one night. He had to buy a new flounder light and a gig, which they all fought over. I hear tell his girlfriend at first was like "Oh no, don't kill him...he's just a little crab" but by the end of the night, she was like "give me that gig...take THAT you little varmint." Wish I had a video of that trip.

At's all.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like Crocs is going after kids with Crocs Infant and Crocs Cayman for Kids. Those Crocs Jibbitz look like a great idea since they look like toys. Nice design.