Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Fight of the Lights

Okay. I love Christmas. I really do. I love to decorate, I love the smells, I love it all. My mother taught me how to do Christmas right long ago. I have been collecting Hallmark ornaments for almost 30 years now and I am an absolute nut about getting the tree just perfect. I have created a monster. Stoicdad and the kids learned long ago to just leave me alone with the tree. Nothing they could do would be now I am stuck growing old and fat and less agile...alone with the task of the Christmas tree. I bought it on myself.
One of the traditions at our house is a battle between me and the lights. There have been years when I would spend 2 or 3 nights just getting the lights on the tree (thousands of them) and just when I would finally finish hanging the 400th cute little forest critter ornament and all the garland, the entire middle section of the tree would go dark. I lost my religion years ago celebrating the Birth of Christ. My sisters still laugh about the first year they all sat and watched me fight with the lights and heard me mumble under my breath something about a "mummer-fufmma" Christmas tree. It happens every year now. No matter what lights I buy, cheap or expensive, old or new ones, something always happens. Maybe it's the old wiring behind the walls in my house. I don't know.
This year I thought I had it licked. I decided to ditch the twinkly lights and go back to the big old style lights. How bad could they be? You don't need as many strands, they give off more's a win-win situation. I thought. So far, I have blown the fuses in 3 strands of these lights. These things are worse than the twinklers. I thought they would be tuff "manly" lights but noooooo. These wusses are all huff and no puff. My tree has been up in the stand for 5 days now and so far it is just half lit. If I don't get half lit soon there ain't gonna be no "mummer-fufmma" Christmas tree this year. I am not in a good mood anyway. My house is a mess and I haven't even begun shopping and the truth is I just want my soldier to come home. And honestly, I feel guilty enjoying the Christmas season without him here.

This is the ghost of Christmas past...

Tomorrow...I may torch this year's tree.

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CaliValleyGirl said...

I am going home in a few days for Xmas and my mother has held off getting the Xmas tree until I arrive so I can help...gee, thanks. The only task worse than decorating the tree? The completely thankless job of undecorating the tree. Some years I have seriously wanted to chuck the whole tree with lights and all out. Just take down the ornaments, but chuck the lights, which my mother and I so pedantically attack to the tree with twist, ties, up and down the branches. Aaaarrrg..."I lost my religion years ago celebrating the Birth of Christ"...Indeed!