Friday, September 02, 2005

Refugees Among Us

It just occured to me that my brother and sister are now Hurricane Katrina refugees. My brother has been pretty busy the last fews days and hasn't had time to shoot at any helicopters, beat up any people, or rape any women but he says he'll get to it just as fast as he can. In the meantime, here's a safety tip: STAY AWAY FROM NEW ORLEANS!!!

BTW, in my last post did I say I was blogging from WORK? I didn't mean work. I meant...ummm...the library. Yeah, that's it...the library. Man, it's nice here. They have...books...and stuff. No, I would never blog from work. That's not ethical and besides...I might get fired.

Well, gotta run. Got work to do...ur...I mean books to read.

Until I can post again, I'll be sleeping down South with the winders wide open.

Bye y'all.

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