Sunday, June 12, 2005

Fifteen Digit Phone Number

Sprout has a new cell phone. And a fifteen digit phone number. Actually, it is sixteen digits, but after dialing it fifteen times with no success, I logged on to the trusty Internet and found out that I had to drop one digit in the area code. Wow! What a relief. Dialing fifteen numbers is bad but I reeeeeeealy have to put my foot down at dialing sixteen numbers. Sheeeeesh! Don't they know that I am getting old and have a very limited short term memory? Even speed-dial won't be too fast with this phone number. And I have no desire to get my next phone bill. Something tells me it should be...shall we say...interesting.

All that aside, Sprout is adjusting well. He sounds like he even likes it there. I don't think it is the awful place he was anticipating. He hasn't given us an address yet because he says he will probably move one more time before he settles down so I can't yet send him a care package. Darn! I'll probably send one to some soldiers from this neat website while I'm waiting.

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