Thursday, June 02, 2005

Don't Get Me Riled

I used to not pay much attention to stories like this, but now that I have a son in the military, it's personal. When a Marine, just home from Iraq is not allowed to visit a class of sixth-graders who wrote to him while he was gone, something ain't right. If this story is as it appears, there's one middle-school Principal in Georgia who needs a good arse-whooping and a teacher who needs a medal. And a Marine who needs a major, MAJOR apology. Not only was this wrong, it was ugly. The thought that this Marine might be feeling the least bit unappreciated like those poor "red-headed step-children" soldiers returning from Vietnam so long ago to an ungrateful nation just burns me up. We can not let this war become another Vietnam. We are a nation of good people and this Marine represents the best of us. He should be sought after and fussed-over, not "escorted off the campus". I just have to wonder what this Principal was thinking? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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Some Soldier's Mom said...

reminds me of the teacher that marked my second grade niece's spelling wrong when she asked for the word for "what ran in front of your house that you drive on" and my niece wrote "road"... the teacher wanted "street"... my niece lived on McCade ROAD... just a pure lack of common sense...

arse-whupping INDEED!