Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Got Wings?

Well, Sprout is almost done with his training and about to get his "wings". He doesn't FLY aircraft...yet. He works on them. But that qualifies him for wings none the less. What'd you know? One step closer to being the angel that I always knew he wuz. Of course, there are one or two local teachers who might debate me on that, but what do they know?

It'll be nice to have him home for a little while.

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Some Soldier's Mom said...

Hey Stoic Mom -- Thanks for the comment... the Far-Far-Away place Sprout is headed is ok and there are lots of opportunities there to explore and experience. The "older" population appreciates the troops there, but the younger people (not all, but some) have forgotten who lives 90 miles from them and why we're there... (Our Navy son spent some time there.) And you can always visit Sprout there and he will be eligible for leave..

Our son will be home some time next month on 2 weeks leave and then he's back to the Box for at least a year after that... I'll keep reading if you keep posting. Email me if you need anything... cmlblog@cableone.net