Saturday, December 22, 2007

Who Stole My Yeller Ribbons?

Okay, this is NOT funny. As you can see by the picture below in the previous post, my house is decorated with a "Support the Troops" theme. What you can't see in the picture are the two light-up yellow ribbons that are hanging on the two columns. They got lost in all the other lights in this picture. Anyway, I got up early this morning to finish my Christmas shopping. I didn't notice until I came home and was out on the front porch chatting with one of my many sisters on the phone, that someone had stolen the Christmas wreath right off the front door. Well, I wasn't too upset about's an old wreath and I need a new one anyway, but then I got thinking and walked out into the yard and turned and looked at the house and sure enough, they stole my two light-up yellow ribbons also. Now I am pissed. You can mess with me, you big green Grinch, but don't mess with my yellow ribbons. The stupid creeps even tried to steal the "Support Our Troops" sign but apparently they gave up when they realized it was tied down. Well, by sundown I had another wreath on the door (wired to the door for good measure) but I don't yet have another yellow ribbon. Sis bought a bunch of these ribbons on sale from ABC so she will replace my missing ribbons the next time she drives up to town. I'm thinking I will drive around the neighborhood and see which of my troop-supporting neighbors is a thief. I ain't in a good mood anyway so they better stop messing with me.

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