Sunday, October 14, 2007

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

Since this blog is about Sprout and his military adventure, I don't post a whole lot about the rest of my family but sometimes I have to. Sprout's older brother, Sir Duke, is in the midst of a divorce. Though I hate that this is happening to him and his wife (who will always be my DIL as long as she's the mother of my grandkids), I especially hate how it's affecting the grandkids, Sgt. York and the Little General.

The saddest description of divorce came to me resently from the six-year-old logic of the Little General. We were talking and somehow the conversation turned to her parent's divorce. As tears welled up in those pretty blue eyes she said to me "When I'm with Mama, I miss Daddy. When I'm with Daddy, I miss Mama."

Sometimes you just have to hold them close.

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Army Wife said...

ohhh that makes me sad...