Tuesday, May 03, 2005


The building I work in is having a new fire and burglar alarm installed by a couple of saggy-drawered teenagers. These cute little guys have been working on this project for a week and have run enough wire through our ceiling to reach from here to the Great Wall of China. This morning I went to the ladies room and while sitting there chatting with Mother Nature, I noticed that they have installed a new fire alarm light just above the inside of the restroom door. Now, I'm all for safety and all that, but if I'm sitting in the restroom taking care of business, I don't care what's on fire...I ain't leaving till I'm done. I mean, seriously, if that fire is so bad that I don't have time to finish up, then I'm gonna die in it anyway. Why humiliate my children by having my charred body drug out into the street with my drawers around my ankles? Sheesh!

This has absolutely nothing to do with this website but I had to write something.


Some Soldier's Mom said...

you are too funny!!! I figure the building won't burn down before I finish... (now I'll probably get all kinds of comments and emails from firefighters on this comment... some people just gotta lighten up)

StoicMom said...

Tee Hee!