Monday, November 15, 2004

Me Again

Well, it's been 2 phone calls and 3 letters since I've posted last and Sprout is doing fine, if you can call enduring basic training "fine". All of his letters have been so mature sounding, I know he is trying to reassure me and it's working. I sent him pictures of his niece and nephew on Halloween - 4 year old nephew went as a soldier...what else? He is most impressed with Uncle Sprout's adventures. Sprout really liked those.

So far things have been fine until this last week. Yesterday he called his girlfriend and said he had hurt his foot and is really worried he may not be able to pass his final PT (physical training) test coming up soon. He asked us to over-night some special in-soles that might help with those dang boots that are made for walking. He never was a very good walker. Anyway, I think he may have just sprained the ankle and will probably be fine, but his anxiety is my anxiety.

Thanksgiving is next week and I'm trying not to mention it, but I know it's on his mind. He will be home for Christmas so he has that to look forward to. I wish I could do something to make this all easier for him. And watching the battle of Fallujah has not helped me any. I guess that is why I haven't written much lately. The reality that my child will probably go to a war zone hit me like a ton of bricks a couple of weeks ago. How will I endure those days? I guess I'll make a bunch of quilts.

On top of everything else, Sprout has yet to be paid. Oh, that lovely bureaucracy. I think somebody there got his account number wrong. They promise a paycheck NEXT payday. Humph! Well, if he ever does get paid, he should be fairly wealthy. It's been a great savings account if nothing else.

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